Human is the most powerful species on the planet. It is not going to give up anything or compromise during its change. The destiny or future of human is that it will ultimately get what it wants. Nothing else can really stand in its way, and any appeal for leniency or diversion will fail. The only interesting thing we can do at this time is try and work out what it is that the human really wants, because at some time that realization will shape the world. Maybe, if we can work out what the human wants, and it is better than what it struggles with now, we would be better off helping to accelerate its change.

If you have read through these beetle pages then you will realize that I will have quite an unususal perspective on human and its future. My ideas might be knocked because they are different. But then, what is change? For real change to occur, the truth of the future must at some time seem implausible to the present. Otherwise, concepts and frame of mind have not really changed. And history teaches us that change for human actually does occur. So any genuine prediction should include something that people today have not yet thought of.

My prediction formed by bringing two factors together. The first is that human will ultimately get what it wants. The second is that the only way an animal can honestly do whatever it wants is if it is wild and free. Therefore, my prediction is that the future for human is that it will eventually become wild. This perhaps should not be surprising, because wildness is the natural state for every other species that has ever lived on the planet (other than those domesticated by humans). Now of course, the alarm bells are probably going off in the human reader's mind. The thought of being wild today is associated with almost everything that a human fights not to be. I told you it had to be different!

If you browse through the earlier beetle pages, you will also see that being wild can lead to a more virtuous mind and creature than is currently being taught. There is a different twist to wildness, ignored to date, where the wild creature must pass certain criteria before it can really claim to be wild. It must become efficient, attuned and parsimonious (more beetle). To become efficient, it must listen more closely to its interaction desire, (more beetle) a desire that ultimately is interested in getting things right. The desire for efficiency or parsimony will also guide humans towards improving their sense of beauty. Getting things right will also enable the human to better learn and hone its instincts (more beetle). It will have more trust and understanding of its senses, and become a better judge of its own actions. Its conscience would operate more simply and truly. To become attuned, the human must become selfless, environment serving, and 'at one with nature' (more beetle). It would feel a stronger bond with its surroundings, and this feeling would make it act with a greater sense of responsibility and understanding. A wild human will actually become very moral and considerate, and naturally so. These are the natural consequences for a human of becoming wild. No doubt the opposite to what many of you have been taught.

When a human is wild, I am not really sure how it will behave. But it certainly would be much more trustworthy and caring than it is today. It will not have to become primitive to become wild. The future is not to go backwards. But the future is to take greater lessons from what it means to be attuned with the environment, and some of this could be learnt from primitive and indigenous peoples. Human curiosity will lead it to becoming the master of ever more technology. But it will also gain the motivation needed to make better use of that technology, where it moves from being an exploiter to a protector of  wildness and the wilderness. It will find the motivation needed to shrink its population size. It will convert more of its land back to its original state of wilderness. Taxonomy will become one of the most important sciences, as original genetic material is sought to manufacture extinct species for the expanding wilderness. Fanciful? I hope for the current population of humans that it sounds nothing less!
(Posted August 2001)

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