Humans teach other humans to believe from an early age. Therefore, many believe in God, Father Christmas, the Supernatural, reincarnation, and luck. They are taught it is good to believe. It lets you see a better world than the one we have now, and makes you feel complete. Unfortunately, belief is also the emotion in humans most responsible for the earth's destruction. It allows humans to become detached from their environment. Belief prevents them from becoming deeply wild. The reason is simple. Belief marks the turning point where humans are willing to disregard the truth of their surroundings, for a story in their minds that cannot be proven. The result is they displace or postpone their awareness and sense for their surroundings and environment, in favor of an illusion. They become emotional about the belief, because they have to overcome that lack of feasibility in their story vigorously. This is the first step humans take towards their desensitization for the environment. They begin to prefer a different world to the one they see. It allows them to start doing destructive and horrendous things to their real world (such as the genocide of several species per day), because they live in their belief. They walk in a netherworld, based partly in reality, and partly in their mind's belief. They give higher priority to the belief in their mind, than the truth of their actions on earth. With belief they develop blindness and shielding to their human mind.

This belief approach is very different to how a natural wild animal behaves. A wild animal is far more sensory and sensual to its surroundings than a belief would allow. The wild animal does not abandon its senses, but uses them to see and penetrate deeply into the environment. Belief would only deaden and displace those senses and shunt them into a world of pretend. Without belief, the wild animal can remain on equal terms with its environment, and concentrate on seeing the best in that reality. Wild animals have a keen sense for their environment, so keen, they become a part of it. A wild animal seems to know what is going on in its environment, with a keener sense than a human can know. They can see a world full of answers in the wildness. They do not need to invent belief to make them feel better and explain their failings as decent and fulfilled creatures.
Dr Beetle - On Belief
I believe this is a green rectangle!
So now you have a choice:

Believe, and continue to contribute to the human illusion that fails to gather the sensual motivation needed to protect the other species.


Resist belief, and the human claims that without it you would become an empty person. Instead, open up your senses to the diversity in wildness. Take courage in the natural world you see. The natural world around you is full of the wonder that you need to make yourself feel fulfilled and complete. But please, do it before the humans have managed to erase it all!
(Posted December 2000)