To become a wilder and more gracious animal, you have to unlearn the complications of human life. Humans teach captive minds the ways of human complication, until those complications become fixed and believed obstacles in people's lives. However, the animal within would prefer to see life simply, and make decisions based upon a few good learnt instincts (more beetle). How simple life could be if you could intuitively sense the right way to go? That is the skill that a wild animal in nature has, or that a tame animal released back into the wild learns.

The steps you need to take to become less complicated and more effective are:

Step 1.Become skeptical of the complicated human world. This does not mean you have to become cynical as well, because during the process more possibilities should appear.

Step 2. Do not believe humans or their philosophies. They arise out of trapped human minds, and none of those philosophies have worked yet (not from a beetle or natural perspective - many of my cousins are now extinct!). If you want to find greater understanding, you would be far better disregarding as wrong everything human thinks (OK, call a human when you want your TV fixed, but when it comes to 'life', they are a dead loss!). If you think there are any human ideas worth keeping, let those ideas come back under their own steam during your re-evaluation of life. But at this stage, it would be easier to simply discard the lot!

Step 3.Repeat steps one and two until you realize that you have a clean slate in your mind which is open to something new. This is a giant step, so the realization that your mind is clear should fill you with a sense of daring. Anything less is pretend.

Step 4.Now, look for what is left? Hopefully, you will begin to detect a stirring of your deeper animal senses. At this point, you might need some aids. I grew up amongst wild animals so the switch was easy. But for someone who grew up amongst concrete and city, I don't know. For aid, you could try visiting some of the remnant wilderness left on this planet, and try to open up the senses. Or visit a zoo or animal sanctuary and try to imagine the extraordinary conditions for which the animals evolved. View some books or films on nature (but please, not those that tell you that nature is 'a struggle to survive'!). Join a nature club. Hopefully, you will develop some sense for the natural world, the way nature molded it, rather than the way humans misunderstand and abuse it.

Step 5.The next step would be a bit like opening up an oyster. You have to transfer the same feelings and senses stirred by viewing the natural environment, and allow them to enter and strike home to your own inner being. Give yourself up to the natural wild forces that surround you, and see what happens! The suppressed animal gifts that can tell you how to live a better life should come out of their cave and begin to grow. The main animal skill that you need to develop is how to operate the interaction desire properly (see earlier psychology lesson) the way it was naturally designed. The pleasure center is there to help you. That's about it! A free pleasure center on a mind's clean slate will build you a whole new world (if you stay true to the cause), where you will become more effective and strong in character. All you have to do is make your choice of whether you want to stay human, or become something wilder and more natural. Whenever you start to falter and cannot see a way through, then that is a sign that you are taking things too seriously. The only things complicated in this world are human misunderstandings. Everything else operates on simple terms and should be easy. If you doubt this, ask any physicist about the latest 'Grand Unified Theories', where all the events in the universe seem to act according to a few simple laws, perhaps one simple law. Taking things less seriously (as opposed to not caring) is the friend of a wild mind. A convinced mind will only turn you into another mad human.

Step 6.The next task is to understand better the differences between your false human self, and your true natural self. If you are on the right track, some transitions should begin to take place, such as moving from a temperament that is:

complicated to diversified
cultural to natural
nervous to calm
emotional to sensual
individual to attuned
weak to strong
glorified to self-assured
confused to understanding
trapped to adaptable
self-absorbed to fair
apathetic to effective
materialistic to easily pleased
despondent to resilient
fearful of snakes and spiders to fascination
surrounded by ugliness to beauty
indecisive to instinctive
serious to joking
bad to mistaken
intolerant to gracious
stressed to healthy
competitive to helpful
convinced to skeptical
fashionable to ecological
exploiter to protector
(Posted August 2000)

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Dr Beetle's Complication
Humans are complicated creatures. They have many different cultures, beliefs, emotions and problems. They are often on the run, and find it difficult to relax and unwind, except perhaps for a few weeks a year when on holidays. There should be a better way, but it is difficult to break out of such a complicated society. What can one person do to alter the tide of human expansion that wouldn't even notice the desire for an alternative? Arguments can be unraveled too quickly by people who believe that the most precious thing on the planet is a human. From that pompous position, any plea for fairness for the remaining environment will fall on deaf minds. Therefore, we have to make our arguments and understanding of what we are on about stronger. For biological reasons, humans are eventually convinced by what is right. But we have to get it very right before that biology can kick in.
The key to becoming more effective, adaptable, versatile, and strong, amidst the complication of society, is to develop yourself biologically. The answers people seek on how to live a more effective and fulfilling life lie within. Millions of years of interaction with the wildness have gone into producing an animal within people that has certain natural senses and gifts. When you learn to tap into that intuitive resource, a sharper and keener range of skills will fall into your hands.

Intuitively, people know that life would be richer if it were simpler. People like to interact with diversity in easy ways. They like finding the thread of understanding amongst a complicated array. They like solving puzzles, getting things right, music over noise, and poetry over long sentences. The same expansion into parsimony can occur for the big issues of life.