Within each person there is a trapped wild animal. Don't be fooled by the human attempts and institutions that try to tell you that its reign has ended. People evolved wild for over 95% of their existence.  The genes inside you, provided by other animals, were wild and were that way for even longer. It is no coincidence that society is now struggling and the problems are mounting, an obvious result of losing touch with the wildness. Human is a stifling species category. At some time, you will need to come to terms with the animal inside that secretly yearns for its wildness back.

The human category, like any other species category, is an artificial label that does not last. It certainly is not meant to contain any animal. If you look at the taxonomy of a species over evolution's time, you will find that it is in a state of constant change and flux. Species categories are just a convenient way for people to organize their thoughts about the diversity of nature. They are not permanent containers for animals. More than 90% of all species that ever existed are now extinct. The species categories died out and became irrelevant, but the wild animal within continued to march straight on so that in the modern era there was an incredible range of species diversity. Note that this natural rate of extinction was not ecologically harmful. Nature was still a vibrant place during the transitions. However, the extinction rate currently being imposed by humans is ecologically harmful. Wild animals do not have time to adapt through their species categories, because their lineages are being ended in too short a time. The wild animal within has no interest in being bound by our artificially designed human category. There are more important senses to fill.

Another reason that I do not feel human contained is that when you do the sums, 50% of our DNA came from fly and beetle-like creatures, and 98% from apes. Logically, people should still be able to feel those influences as I do. There is a lot of wisdom to be found within those influences. It just goes to show how sold people now are for the human delusion, when rather than feeling akin to beetles and snakes, they would rather stomp on them. All for the fashion of being a human stereotype.

And finally, if anyone develops a real sense for the wildness, they would realize that their concern for other wild animals intensifies. It is like joining a club. Your identity starts to spread out into the environment. Your reasons for influencing and using the environment have to pass a higher grade of justice and conscience. This expansion of consciousness beyond the human category was apparent in all indigenous cultures that lived in a semi-wild state. They had links to the land. They felt a part of the land and its creatures. Some took on the names and 'spirits' of other animals. That wild and sensual state compares with people today who have allowed themselves to become human contained. They have become alienated to the wider range of environmental sensations, to be narrower in mind. The natural course of restricting the mind is to become more isolated, individual and neurotic. According to their own statistics, one-quarter of humans have mental problems as judged even by their own standards. This just the tip of the iceberg in my assessment of the true mental state of humans today. Human is a closed minded species.

So these are the reasons why I refuse to be a human. The wilder alternative feels so much freer. (Posted December 2000)


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Why I Am Not A Human

By now you would realize that I don't think much of humans. Their achievement is the brink of nature's destruction, all for their own nasty minded ends. But don't get me wrong, I like and admire people. I see human as different to people. Human is a species category or identity that people currently believe they have to labor under. It is a dead and delusional species category that has no future. On the other hand, I find people worthwhile and helpful. They genuinely try, and have many concerns for others and their world. For people to understand themselves biologically, they also need to make this distinction, and become less fixated with their human label.