Dr Beetle's 'Healthy' Skepticism
Humans have placed themselves on a false pedestal, with the one hand claiming high moral standards beyond those of animals, while with the other ruthlessly conquering the planet to their own ends (more beetle). Humans have become like a plague upon the earth. They are ruining the land and seas, turning them sour and barren. Each day they wipe out even more species of beautiful animal and beetle. A pest is a species that lives in such numbers that it causes damage to mankind, ironically, a state that humans have now achieved even for themselves. 
Beetle insight: In a wild ecosystem animals find natural ways to live in balance and harmony. The proof is that the extinction rate in their world is less than one species per year, far less than under the human system.

Humans consider that they are the pinacle species of biology. They have struggled, and they have survived to now dominate the earth.
Beetle insight: Humans are the dunce species of biology and the planet. They are not fulfilled or morally strong creatures. With no voiice to counter their claims, they readily delude themselves that they are superior.

Human leads a weak life as it bickers, argues, fights and destroys. It has little mind for self control, so continues to encroach on nature and double its population.
Beetle insight: A good measure of strength is the capacity for charity and grace. Wild animals and beetles have this strength of character. The proof is that they live comfortably along side a whole suite of other species in their wild ecosystems.

The human species is mentally unbalanced. Like Sadam Hussein and other overinflated icons,  they build monuments and statues to themselves. Humans smother the land with their structures, as though trying to imprint the bull-manure of their minds on to the landscape of the planet. Humankind is building a padded cell for itself, so that everything within it can seem comfortable and uniform. It cannot dare to see a world beyond its own technology or making.
Beetle insight: An animal becomes strong and balanced in character by listening to the wildness that courses through nature.

Humankind dislikes itself. While the human illusion is that it is the most advanced species on the planet, many of its own subjects doubt, and find the illusion difficult to live. Many people seek to escape the human world through drugs or suicide. Many are 'misfits' or 'unemployable', because they cannot function according to the false and artificial rules.
Beetle insight: The wildness offers a more natural and better way.

Humans are alone. They cannot link or attune to their surrounding environment. They have no common soul. Human has put six billion people on the face of the planet. What for? Overcrowding has not reduced the depth of human loneliness and futility.
Beetle insight: The wildness opens up a world of greater honesty and empathy. Animals in the wildness feel linked by stronger reasons.

Human changes, unlike any other species.
Beetle insight: Humankind is changing because it has not yet reached its right place in nature. It has not really escaped nature, and if it thinks it has, then it lives an illusion.  Nature has greater strength and access to more subtle forces than a conceited species could recognise. But there is a lot of change to get through. To complete its change, people will have to think and feel outside the human box. Wild animals gave humans the ingredients they need to get their position in nature right. But today, humans reject and fear the animal influence, so are getting things wrong.

Beetle summary: Humankind is a bull-manure species, even though its heart may be true. It should not feel offended by its 'bull-manure' status. The label is merely a sign that change is due. A lot can be done with an accurate label, because when you know what you are as a species,  you become discontented, and can launch more consciously into the direction you really want to go. (Posted Sept. 2000).
Humans claim to be the most advanced species on the planet. They think they live a higher order of goodness above the animals. They think they have 'developed' the land. They think they are launching into a new era of their own making. They think they have their eyes open, and understand the world. But Dr Beetle does not believe! After all, beetles are the favored species.