Dr Beetle's Spirituality

The wildness is the economy of life. Trying to live life without the wildness is like trying to find purpose for a dollar bill on the planet Nog. The life will find little relevance. It will feel empty, lost and isolated. While humans have lost touch with the economy of life, other animals in nature contribute to the wildness so are not spiritually challenged. Linking life to the wildness makes a lot of sense. If you are into evolution, then there must be a good reason why all animals live the wild life. The activities of a life plugged into the wildness can generate more meaningful accomplishments than a life that tries to create its own artificial system. The wildness allows life to contribute to a growing web of nature (rather than destroy it). It makes an animal feel a part of nature, so rather than feeling alone and individual, the wild animal feels greater empathy for its wider environment. It is like being linked to a common soul.
The call of the wild is a strong magnet. It offers much to those who can listen. An animal that knows its true nature lets the wildness fill its soul in a way that could be termed spiritual. Animals might not look spiritual to a human, yet they effectively lead what for them are complete lives. They can follow their natural instincts and adaptations to the full. Nor does an animal have to believe to be spiritual or compete. The wildness gets results and happens all around them. They do not have to fill up an empty difference with 'belief'. The natural animal contributes to a higher system than themselves, called the wildness. Through it, they help to create many natural wonders. Humans on the other hand deny the value of being natural and wild, but they still have the same animal need to feel part of a greater order. They have therefore tried to invent and contribute to a higher system they call 'heaven'. However unfortunately for them, heaven is both unproven and inaccessible to them while alive. It is a higher system for life that they have to believe rather than experience directly.
The current form of human spirituality differs to the way a wild animal can live. Humans cannot link to a higher system that actually exists to give results and sensations back on an hourly basis. Therefore, they have had to fill the gap with various religions. The biological need for a complete life is ingrained, but because humans have lost touch with the wildness they do not know how to make it happen. They invented various gods, idols and superstitions whose existence cannot be proven or disproved. They conveniently shelve the need for spiritual lives into 'belief', that they might one day fulfill after they die. In that way, they can continue to live with dead hearts, destroying the planet and its true nature.

So how should a human go about rekindling their spiritual link to nature? I'm afraid you will have to listen to the wild animal within. Now I know you have been told how bad the motives of wild animals are, by scientists and religious obsessives. Humans make the mistake of thinking that they will behave like other animals when wild, rather than listening to the wildness themselves to see what it will ask of them directly. The wild animal within will prove to be much fairer and admirable than the current human mindset realizes. To help it develop it will need a more natural and articulate interaction desire (see earlier), which has as its highest goal the need to do the right thing. A fully developed wild human will actually have the highest ideals that people currently imagine, but do not know how to achieve. It will give them the natural strength needed to be gracious, helpful and non-destructive to their world. (posted Sept 2000).